Liberal Democrat MPs congratulate Cornwall Council spending reductions on consultants

Cornwall Liberal Democrat MPs Andrew George, Stephen Gilbert and Dan Rogerson have congratulated Cornwall Council for reducing the costs of spending on external consultants and agency staff.

In the financial year of 2013/14, the Liberal Democrat led council managed to cut budget spending on consultants and agency staff by more than 59%. The budget in this area was cut overall from £12.1 million to £4.9 million.

Mr George said, “These figures show that having Liberal Democrats in power can make a significant difference to financial management, while still supporting local business interests. Over this period, more than half of the council’s external procurement budget was spent on Cornish firms. This was the first time that the 50% barrier had been broken. This meant that the money was focused towards supporting the Cornish economy.”

Mr Rogerson said, “The cost in spending on consultants have been achieved under the auspices of a Liberal Democrat led council budget and 11 months of it were under a Liberal Democrat/Independent administration. I congratulate the responsible financial practices of the Liberal Democrat led council over this period.”

Mr Gilbert said, “The external consultancy spending had become too bloated under the Tories, but the Liberal Democrat led Cornwall Council managed to curb these excessive tendancies, and ensured less reliance on expensive agency staff and consultancy costs.”