Cllr Mario Fonk Welcomes Penzance Tesco Roundabout Improvements

Cllr Mario Fonk at Penzance Tesco Roundabout

Cllr Mario Fonk at Penzance Tesco Roundabout

Cllr Mario Fonk, Cornwall Councillor for Penzance, Heamoor and Gulval, has welcomed recent improvements to the gateway to Penzance that was in much need of visual improvement.

Mario, who has campaigned with others for a number of years to get the entrance to Penzance improved, said the roundabout near Tesco superstore on the A30 was an eyesore and formerly affectinately referred to as the cat litter tray!

The Penzance Councillor helped by putting money where his mouth was and used some of his councillor highways budget towards the cost of the project, which included landscaping the roundabout with granite boulders, shrubs and anchors, reflecting Penzance’s maritime heritage.

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