Following the outcome of the independence referendum in Scotland, Lib Dems will gather in Bodmin next week to plan their campaign for new powers for Cornwall.

Liberal Democrats have already voted for Cornwall to benefit from a devolved Assembly, with powers similar to those enjoyed in Wales, at their most recent national conference in York.  They have agreed to seek a ‘Devolution Enabling Act’, giving Cornwall the chance to take law-making powers from Westminster.  The commitment features in the party’s recent ‘pre-manifesto’ for the 2015 election.

All six of Lib Dem MPs and Parliamentary Candidates will address Friday’s meeting, along with Cornish Peer, Lord (Paul) Tyler.

Commenting, Chair of the Lib Dems’ “Team for Cornwall”, Julia Goldsworthy said:

“As Scotland and Wales take still more power from Westminster, the rest of the UK cannot be left behind.  We need real devolution in Cornwall too.  Not just more power for local government, but a proper legislative assembly for Cornwall like Wales has.

“Ours is the only UK party committed at the highest level to a Cornish Assembly, and we have the capacity to deliver it.  The Conservatives continue to believe that Cornwall should be ruled from London.

“Real devolution from London will mean we can devolve even more power from the new Assembly to towns and parishes all around Cornwall.

“I am now gathering Liberal Democrats from across the Duchy to plan our campaign so that we are ready to demand a Cornish Assembly at this great moment of constitutional change in Britain.”