St Ives Liberal Democrats Back Party Conference NHS Motion

St Ives Liberal Democrats Constituency Party has today signed and backed the Liberal Democrats Spring Conference emergency motion calling on the party to work together to achieve the withdrawal of the NHS Bill.

The west Cornwall & Isles of Scilly constituency party has also consistently applauded and given its full support to their local MP Andrew George in his campaign to see the NHS Bill dropped.

Sue James, Chair of the St Ives Liberal Democrats Constituency Party said: “We hope ministers will listen. The overwhelming majority of health organisations and professional bodies and staff have stated their outright opposition to the Bill. There is a huge voice of public concern.

“It seems crazy to impose these damaging reforms at a time the NHS is being asked to make the greatest efficiency savings in its long history.

“The NHS Bill risks fragmenting care of NHS patients. Emphasis should be on integration and collaboration between health and social care. Years of progress could be jeopardised with a greater influx of private medical providers.

“The NHS Bill was not part of the Coalition Agreement which ruled out any further, unnecessary and disruptive top down reorganisation. This Bill is against the letter and spirit of the Coalition Agreement that was supported by ordinary Liberal Democrat members at the Birmingham conference, which I attended.”

“It is for these reasons that the St Ives Liberal Democrats are backing our MP, Andrew George, in his support for the motion.”

For further comment please call Cllr Sue James on 07745116049

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