Euro-MP Watson – response to ‘Business for Britain’ report on Britain’s future in the EU

South West MEP for the Liberal Democrats Sir Graham Watsonmhas issued the following statement in response to the Eurosceptic group ‘Business for Britain’ report on the future of Britain in the EU.

“I’m surprised that the same group of eurosceptics who bang on about ‘Brussels bureaucrats’ have come up with a bizarre proposal that would result in more, not less, red tape.

“These ill-thought out proposals would create a two tier system, sending the business community a very confusing message. In my view, such proposals will only benefit the profits of lawyers during the subsequent tidal wave of legal disputes and cases.”

“Liberal Democrats believe that being in Europe is being in work. Our relationship should be based on working together, reforming the EU from within, not creating a hokie-cokie style left foot in, right foot out arrangement.

“Do eurosceptics want to put at risk millions of jobs? Do they want us to stop working with neighbouring police forces to tackle human trafficking and smash paedophile rings? Do they want Britain to be left on the sidelines of Europe when it comes to the crunch decisions on world security, climate change and trade? Surely not. Since such action would be deeply unpatriotic.”