Local MP, Andrew George, will again join in the festivities during the Helston Flora Day celebrations on Thursday 8th May 2014.

Mr George will take part in the early morning pageant, the Hal-an-Tow. He will play the part of Cornish Patron Saint, St Piran, who according to mythology, floated to Cornwall from Ireland on a millstone! He has taken part in this pageant since he was at Helston School in the 1970s.

The Hal-an-Tow pageant performs throughout the town driving out evil spirits and welcoming the spring. The Furry festivities traditionally feature the battle between good and evil including ‘a greater’ St Michael – Helston’s own Saint – “who fought the fiend of all mankind the foe”. 

Mr George will be carrying the granite millstone throughout the 8 performances around the town between 8.30 and 9.30am.

Mr George has taken part in the Hal-an-Tow since he took the role of one of the Spanish sailors in 1977 when at Helston School. 


He will also be taking part in the midday dance with his wife, Jill. This is a traditional honour for the local MP.