NHS 111

Following a question I raised concerning the adequacy of NHS 111 (see attached transcript from Health Questions this morning) it seems that a number of media outlets are interested in my reference.


For information, I attach a depersonalised comment from one of my constituents.  I have received similar from others.  But this is, specifically, the case I was referring to in the question I raised.

Andrew George (St Ives) (LD):

Further to the previous question, will the Minister urgently review the operation of NHS 111, as not only did it experience meltdown over the Christmas period in my area, but it is run from a call centre in Newport, 200 miles away, and it uses algorithms that involved staff asking a patient in my constituency, “Are you conscious?”?

Norman Lamb:

Call volumes doubled over the Christmas period compared with those a year ago, so the system was certainly under enormous pressure. As I say, the survey results show that a lot of people were diverted away from A and E, but there is absolutely a case for seeking to improve 111.