Commenting on the Poltair Hospital consultation, local MP Andrew George said:

“Although I know many are confused by the manner in which the Poltair Consultation has been handled, I do hope that local people will take every opportunity to respond and comment on plans for the future of Poltair Hospital and its services.

“It’s important that those who will be making decisions about the future of community hospital services in the Penzance area have the largest possible response.

“Whilst I’m aware that there is now little prospect of being able to retain inpatient beds in this building I hope that as many people as possible will convey the message that we need to retain all of the services and community hospital beds in the Penzance area, even if we can’t keep them in that building.

“It’s also important that the capital receipts from any disposal of the site are reused for the benefit of local patients and are not siphoned off to Whitehall.”